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Fitre Bağışı

Fitre Bağışı

The Amount Of Fitrah in 2023

For Turkey : 70₺

For Europe : 10€


What is Fitrah (Sadaqah al-Fitr)?

     Fitrah (Sadaqah al-Fitr) is a Wajib (required) charity which is given by the free Muslims who complete the month of Ramadhan, possessing the Nisâb amount of wealth besides their basic needs. Fitrah lexically means ‘creation’ which is discharged hoping to earn reward.

     Nisab amount of wealth: To possesses the amount of wealth equivalent to at least 200 dirham of silver, or 20 mithqal of gold (approximately 80.18g) or equivalent amount of other assets besides one’s basic needs.

Who is Obliged to Give Fitrah?

     Fitrah (Sadaqah al-Fitr) is a charity Wajib (required) upon every free Muslim who possess the Nisab amount of wealth. As for children and those who are not of sound mind, their parents or guardians pay it on their behalf. If their parents do not give it, they will be responsible for fulfilling this obligation when the children grow up or if the person without sound mind regains his health again.

Who is not eligible to receive Fitrah?

  • Sadaqah al-Fitr is given to the poor having intended for it. The intention can be made at time of discharging it or before-hand. It is not necessary to tell the recipient of the Fitrah that it is a Fitrah.
  • A person may give their Fitrah to one person or several people. Likewise, several people may give their Fitrah to one person or to several people.
  • A person may not give their Fitrah to their immediate families. For example, Fitrah may not be given to one’s poor wife, father, or son.
  • According to Imam Abu Yusuf (RA) and Imam Shafi (RA) Fitrah may not be given to the Zimmii. (The Zimmii are the people who live amongst Muslims in a Muslim country belonging to a different religion) The reason behind this is that the purpose of Fitrah is to assist the poor Muslims to see their needs before the Eid and place their hearts at ease at the time of Eid which will enable them to focus on their Ibadah (Acts of worship).

How Much is Fitrah in 2020?

    Previously wheat, barley, grapes, or dates were used as Fitrah. The idea is to meet a poor person’s daily needs. Under today’s circumstances, a person’s daily food expenses are calculated to determine Fitrah. The Fitrah amount can differ annually due to inflation of food items and the cost of living. now in 2023 it has been calculated as 10 euro in Europe.

     Fitrah is calculated based on the minimum amount of food a person needs daily in order to satisfy their hunger. However, those who wish may give more than the specified Fitrah amount. The best would be for the person to give an amount equal to their own daily expenditure on food.


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